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Astral Horizon is a first-person space opera adventure featuring combat with six degrees of freedom. Give orders to your squadmates and find creative ways to approach combat in zero-gravity. Explore epic sci-fi locations as you fight a war to uncover a perspective-shattering discovery.

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In the distant future, humanity has broken the cosmological speed limit and colonized solar systems many lightyears from Earth. At the very edge of human civilization, an ex-pirate, a navy pilot, and the head of a clandestine corporation find themselves fighting in a war over the advancement of scientific knowledge. Past the horizon of our understanding, no one can say what horrors may await us.


  • Master a six-degrees-of-freedom movement system to ambush, evade, and overcome all obstacles.
  • Pilot a fighter at breakneck speeds to make the decisive blow in epic space battles.
  • Wield a wide range of futuristic weaponry to dispatch enemies in creative ways.
  • Experience multiple perspectives in a galaxy-spanning war.
  • Uncover the truth that lies beyond the horizon...
I stream development of Astral Horizon most Saturdays on Twitch and save the streams on YouTube. You can also follow what I'm working on and chat on Discord.